Monday, July 9, 2012

How to be an Exceptional Narcissist

Hello fine folk of the interwebs! The other day it struck me: Blogs are an inherently narcissistic endeavor. Those of us who blog are under the ridiculous notion that someone wants to hear our thoughts on whatever random topic we choose to verbally vomit about.

In honor of how truly ridiculous this whole experience is, I have dedicated this post to narcissism.


  I have a room now, and it has a mirror. I've never had a mirror in my room before. In the name of art, understanding facial anatomy, and other inane excuses I have started doing random self portraits.

Also, for the last few days I have lived in almost complete silence. No coffee shops, no TV, no music, no people--just the cobwebs in my own mind.


This has led to a great deal of self reflection.


 Ironically, none of these were done in front of my mirror.

Well fine folk, it seems I have rather little to say on the subject of ME today. So I hope you all have a delightful afternoon!


  1. Your narcissism is just you being as into you as I am.

  2. You are truly my favorite narcissist, present company excluded. Delightful work. Love, m